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How to change kitchen url:

some case, your hosting restricted access direct from plugins folder. So, You can’t access your kitchen view page. To resolve it, pls follow this guide to change kitchen view URL

  1. COPY your folder : your_wordpress/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce-openpos/kitchen to your_wordpress/
  2. Edit file your_wordpress/kitchen/index.php . update the base dir ( wordpress path) at those line
#$base_dir = dirname(__DIR__);  // uncomment and change this if use your_domain.com/kitchen

3. add this shortcode to your theme/functions.php or use any snippet code plugin to update kitchen url

    return 'yourwordpressdomain/kitchen'; // change to yourwordpressdomain to your wordpress domain


Now , open admin/pos/outlet and click kitchen view screen to see the effect.

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