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How to add Kitchen order area on Restaurant ?

s you know , since version 3.1.0 , we already support separate dish to Cook area and Bar area.
It mean when a dish add to table order, it auto separate and display on Cook or Bar area without print receipt and manual print receipt with paper.
But some use case in real life, may be your restaurant need more area , like as Cook area, Bar area, Fries area. Show , how to add Fries area to OpenPOS ? 
Yeah, since version 3.2.0. Openpos support this features. You can follow this code and enter it to end of  your_theme/functions.php or snippet code plugin

    function custom_kitchen_area($result){
        $result['fries'] = array(
            'label' =>  'Fries area',
            'description' => 'Display on Fries area'
// add more area follow this code
        $result['fries_2'] = array(
            'label' =>  'Fries area 2',
            'description' => 'Display on Fries area'
      $result['fries_3'] = array(
            'label' =>  'Fries area 3',
            'description' => 'Display on Fries area'
        return $result;

After done . In Product edit / new page , you can see follow image below

In Kitchen view, a new area display to choose

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