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How to use woocommerce online payment method in POS

#1. online website and POS have different logic about payment .
​- in website:  customer do payment on customer’s device and enter their creditcard information, it so secure
​- in POS store: payment do on “store” pc , customer NO interact to pc, Payment done by STAFF. So serious if leave staff enter Customer creditcard . that why they ofthen use Scan device.
​#2. To help POS able use Payment provider in Woocommerce. there are 2 way:
​- Offline payment : you can choose payment method in admin/pos/setting/payment , choose woocommerce payment method you want . When checkout on POS, pos just note payment method, the action of payment done by store Staff .
​- Online payment: install this addon : https://wpos.app/addons/woocommerce-openpos-online-payment/
after install , goto admin/pos/setting/addons , choose method you want allow checkout by online website .
​when customer want checkout by online website method , Staff will choose “pay by website” payment method on POS, a QRcode will generate . Customer can use Customer’s phone, scan qrcode and continue pay on  their phone. After done, inform staff to check. Staff will check payment , if status = “paid” , pass items to your customer and done the payment
​#3. if you want integrate with your payment method ( with terminal + api document support on webbase) , you can consider hire us to do it as customize service

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