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OpenPos + PrintNode . Auto send receipt to kitchen area printer


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OpenPos + PrintNode . Auto send receipt to kitchen area printer

​- You should register and install printnode software to your  device
– ​After done and make sure your device connect with printnode and printnode can see your printer at printnode dashboard follow their guide. Print sample to make sure they are connected.
​- Install and active this addon on your wordpress + woocommerce
​- Enter the printnode api after install the plugin on admin/pos/setting/addons/
​- Goto admin/pos/register, edit your register and choose suitable printer 
​- Save and logout and login pos again + check 

how to change paper size

default, the printer se use printer 58mm . to change this size, you can add this short code to your theme/functions.php or use snippet code

    $printer['max_char'] = 48; // this for 80mm , default is 32 for 58mm , change this to your printer
    return $printer;